Monday, May 2, 2011

MSNBC edits out profanity from video of Al Jazeera correspondence

This morning I saw this video on MSNBC, and while the Al Jazeera reporter was talking I heard a male voice I assume coming from potty mouth Joe Scarborough from the MSNBC studio whisper the "F" word a couple of times.  They have since edited out that whispering.  The editing was so poor that you can hear the clicks of when they removed the whispering.  Listen closely at 4:36 and you hear the sound all of a sudden get "smothered", and then a "click" where the whisper removal happens at 4:50.

I am amazed that it was allowed to go unedited for several hours.  I had troubles with my Audacity this morning cause I wanted to record it, but gave up after wasting time with it.

MSNBC,  make sure your idiots in the studio who whisper stuff for whatever reasons (which is totally audible and annoying), at least use language that isn't obscene.

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