Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Microsoft Surface demo

Trevor skyped me this url:

After checking it out, I wasn't impressed. So the user wants to resize pictures and rotate them. Ewww, so neat. Not. So they want to drag them individually to an external device sitting on the screen. Ewww, so natural.

So I need to map out how to get to the restaurant and plan it out on my phone. This might be neat if I was a moron and didn't know where I was going. Which probably happens rarely. Do I just need to get out more and experience places and things that I've never done before? If so then I guess this would be good. But I bet the price for the software and new hardware needed, would be for the types of people shown in the demo.

Want to make new technology? OK - my list of priorities would be:

1) Robotics - how long have we been dreaming (reading and watching movies) about robotics and all we have is an unobtainable (Pardon my language)Honda Assimo.

2) Fuel Cell Technology - We need fuel cell and hydrogen powered vehicles now!!! I'm sick of waiting for this type of technology. Get it into high gear and make this a reality faster!

3) We need a cheaper way to get into space. I read this article on Wired and it seems so expensive to get into space the traditional "Send up a rocket" way. We need ways like this, or this.

Sorry to be a stick in the mud, but I'm sick of visual and interactive hype. And we don't yet another human - computer interface. It surely won't increase productivity. Entertainment isn't a top priority.

Interactive software is cool and trendy, but if you want to really impress me, hit something on this list. I know Microsoft isn't in the robot, energy or space industry. But somebody has to step up, and spread their wings. The government sure isn't going to.

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