Friday, May 11, 2007

Moving up in Table Tennis Rating

Finally got the results of my rating with the new Utah Valley Open Tournament. I was given a new rating of 1354. I had the most improved rating in that tournament. I went up over 350 points.

There are several people that I beat at the tournament that are still a few points ahead of me. But that is understood. For instance, David To beat Austin, but he has a lower rating that Austin (even though Austin lost 33 points at the Utah Valley Open Tournament). I don't think I'll inform Austin as his attitude is already quite spoiled with the sport.

With all the stuff that's going on this summer it won't be until the end of July that we get to go to the club again. But I have been playing nearly every day at lunch time which has been good for me.

My next goal - consistently beat Varghese, Carol and Craig Z. Get into the 1500 range.

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