Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Another reason why President Bush is lame

I could go on and on why I think President Bush is a complete doofus, but when he allows a colleague to go unpunished (at least for jail time) for his crimes, it demonstrates his disregard for the justice system. I'm not claiming to be a scholar on the situation, but it appears that President Bush is letting the same crime that caused President Clinton to be impeached, to go unpunished. Why the hypocrisy?

He, and many other politicians (not just Republicans) are making me lose faith that we can really have honorable and righteous men represent us in our Government. Maybe we should consider a woman?


Anonymous said...

I am surprised at you Gordon, gender has nothing to do with moral character. Hillary Clinton is just as hypocritical as Bush. The 2-party American political system has the power to almost always corrupt people. I honestly don't know of anyone in modern politics that sticks to their guns and is consistent. (Reagan was pretty close from what I know)
Politics SUCKS! I agree that it seems that many of the American public are loosing trust in the government officials. It is actually pretty ridiculous, in my humble opinion.

Gords said...

The last sentence in my entry was more of a joke to prompt some comments. I realize Hilary isn't a saint. Fact is, nobody really is. Until the second coming, we're gonna have to deal with alot of poo.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we need a Mormon??

Nobody said...

I am not sticking up for Bush's actions with regards to Scooter Libby's jail sentence, it was purely political to get the mainstream republicans back on his good side. However, comparing that to what Bill Clinton was impeached for? Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury. Though I don't necessarily agree with George Bush's decision, it is his legal right.

Gords said...

Bill Clinton was impeached for Perjery, which is one of the charges the Mr. Libby was also convicted (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9837835/). Also with it being his legal right. Yes. Remember, even Bill Clinton pardoned one of his buddies just before leaving office. So it isn't just President Bush, but he ought to be a better example than his left wing colleagues.