Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How I look on Simpsons

I watched a show last night about Burger King and how they have some aggressive marketing going on. They're partnering with the Simpson's movie and showed a website where you can "Simpsonize" yourself.

I went ahead and tried that. The picture uploading is very picky. It needs to be fairly large and a straight on head shot. No less than 640x480, but not too large. I used this photo.

After "simpsonizing" me, and making a few changes to some details, I ended up like this:
They wouldn't let you customize the head shape which I think they were rather kind about. I think the rendering could have been much less flattering. But pretty entertaining nonetheless.

Here is Cathi's likeness:

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Cynthia Blue said...

He he I love it. I did that too, on my Luna Tail blog. :) You look great!