Friday, March 14, 2008

Best Massage so far

Today after work I had an appointment at the Career College over by Walmart in Layton for a massage. Last time it was done by a short girl who did a decent job, but just a tad too light for my liking. I want to get knots out and want something that hurts just a little.

Well when I came in for the massage it was done by a dude about my same build. At first I was a little disappointed. Having a guy rub me is creepy, but at the same time so is a woman other than Cathi. I figured either way its gonna be awkward.

When he worked on my back he told me to tell him if it was too much. He pushed hard on the muscles under my shoulder blades. For about 10 seconds it was very painful. But I just can't get myself to say something. It's like saying "uncle" and the guy thinks he beat me. So I just grinned and rode the pain. I'm glad I did cause the knots in my back were really worked on. Everything else was good too. Probably the best massage I've had so far, and I've had probably 7 of them.

The guy's name was Blake Ostler. I gave him a good tip.

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