Friday, March 21, 2008

Cathi's Before/After pics

I reserve the right to brag about my wife who has worked very hard exercising every day for literally hours, making healthy meals and been an inspiration to me! No the weight didn't just "fall off". She worked hard and had to give up alot of tasty treats and sweat through miles upon miles of running and swimming.
Here is the "Before Picture". It is right after Oliver was born. The heaviest she has ever been in her life. With this being our last pregnancy it is exciting to know that those big and heavy days are in the past never to appear again! Cathi's quest to lose weight has really inspired me and made everyone healthier and happier. Except for the kids. They recently complained about not having ice cream in a very long time.

Here is the "After Picture". We tried to keep the same pose to provide a similar perspective. Oliver sure has put on some serious weight here! :) Cathi is feeling so good these days and seems so much happier and fun with the kids. She is just as beautiful as the day I married her! We're both so completely in love and feel so blessed to have such a great life together. It has been a total dream come true.

Anyhow she has lost 80 pounds starting the day she left the hospital with Oliver until now. This is really a lifestyle change and not just a mere diet, so the exercise and good eating will continue and the stress of watching the scale, anticipating losses can stop.

Triathlons planned for this year
  1. Logan Balanced Man Triathlon - Apr 12 (Results)

  2. Xango Echo Triathlon - July 12 (Results)

  3. Ogden Sprint Triathlon - September 13

She is also doing the Wasatch Back relay June 20-21st which is a team relay starting in Logan going all the way to Park City. Ask her about the details. Cool stuff.

Way to go Cathi! We're proud of you!


Stacey said...

Way to go Cathi!!! You look great!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Cathi!!! You look awesome! I am new to this site and just starting my new lifestyle. You have just given me much motivation and hope. Thank you! Shana

Grandma Richins said...

Cathi, You inspire me! Your beauty is really not just skin deep. You literally glow. CAR