Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter pictures

Seems like tradition lately that we take an easter picture of the kids. They all looked so cute and we used the money that family have given for Austin's 12th birthday for a new suit. He turns twelve in 3 weeks. We let him wear it early for Easter, but now he has to wait until his birthday. He looked so sharp! So did all the other kids too! I was amazed at how well they were posing. I had them get in position and they held it pretty well.

Samuel's "Chicken Pox" turned out really mild. I'm starting to wonder if he even had chicken pox. He had spots which are now scabbed over, but he had a fraction of spots that I had when I got them as a kid. No other kids got it.

We had our own egg hunt yesterday afternoon. I had Sam, Jonas and Isaac in the front room, and Austin, Jacob and Lucy in another with each room having different levels of difficulty.

Cathi took my breath away today. I'm telling you she could be a model.

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