Friday, August 22, 2008

My new favorite place to eat - Vosen's Bread Paradise

I'm not easily impressed when it comes to food. It has to be really bad to be bad in my opinion, and really good to be good. Well, back on June 18th 2008 I was finishing my bike ride in to work and was really craving something to fill me up. I was passing this yellow old house on 200 West which was just around the corner of where I work. I noticed that it was a "German Bakery". It is called Vosen's Bread Paradise. Boy does it really live up to that name!

As Grandpa Richins would say, "This food is larapin!". In German it would be "Das essen ist köstlich!"

I decided to go in and see what they offered. Everything looked so good. Everything displayed looked fantastic. I decided to try a loaf of whole wheat bread. It was so fresh! It was perfect. I got a "Buy 10 loaves, get one free" card. I've tried the German Salt Pretzels, the whole wheat bread, and some other loaf of a sweet bread that had poppy's and almonds in it. So good! This is now my favorite place to eat. According to their website, the ingredients are just basic things. No artificial stuff.

I'm very pleased with the bread and pretzels. I haven't tried many of the treats because I'm on a diet and if I got hooked on those, I'd probably gain it all back, but when I walk in I get a little emotional because I feel like I'm walking into a real German bakery and I feel like I'm on vacation!

I gave Mom a loaf of Whole Wheat for her birthday when I stopped by for lunch one day and she enjoyed it.

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