Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big O Tires experience

I had a very nasty experience with Burt Brothers tires several years ago and since then have been very paranoid about repair shops. I moved over to Big O Tires about three years ago for my tires needs and any other repairs.

This last week my brakes were squeeking pretty badly so I took the car in. The tires needed to get rotated anyways (which was free since I bought my tires there anyway). They called me and said the brakes had just a glaze on them and that the pads still had 1/2 of their life left.

I was very happy that their claim to being "honest" from their commercials was the real thing. He could have very easily told me the squeeking was part of the reason why they needed to be replaced and I wouldn't have thought much about it. I'm very glad that there is a tire store that can change my generalistic and norrow-minded belief that "All mechanics are gonna go to hell".

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Elayna said...

I am glad to hear that. We need to get all new tires really soon and after pricing them out Big O Tires was also the least expensive to go to. So good to know that they worked well for you.