Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My new PG-13 boycott

I'm a huge Star Trek New Generation fan. I noticed that there is a new Star Trek (original) movie coming out next summer. I saw the trailer and was pretty excited about it until I saw a half second bedroom shot and that made me so mad! Why do movie and TV writers need to sexualize every show!! Why can't they just leave that crap for the real bad movies? What does sex have to do with space exploration? Nothing! Granted the original Star Trek TV show was itself poorly written with James Kirk being a total womanizer, but C'Mon!

I've decided I'm done with PG-13 movies. Cause even if the movie has great story/action, etc, they have almost always got some stupid sex scene in it and I've totally had it supporting that kind of crappy "filler" in a movie where it doesn't belong. I challenge you to join me in my boycott of PG-13 movies, especially if there is any hint of "suggestive" or "adult" content in it. In fact I'm going through my collection and chucking anything that has that crap in it.

The other day I came home and Austin was watching "Balls of Fury". I got really mad at him for that. But I have nobody to blame but myself for having that crap in my house. I like ping pong, but that movie was a total disgrace to the sport. I know its all in jest and its supposed to be funny, but it wasn't. I'm pissed off. All of my PG-13 movies are going in the garbage. That will probably clean out about 75% of my collection.

Taking a stand! Not that I'm expecting it to have any affect on movie makers, but at least it will make a difference in the level of wholesomeness of entertainment in my house. Too much crap right now.


Bhatch said...

I really really agree...I am very proactive in which movies I watch by going to and reading the 'Parents Guide'. We very frequently pass on PG-13 is too short to watch crap and poorly-made movies.

Dale Majors said...

Nice, I agree with you. the only question in my mind is whether I am strong enough to do anything about it. It makes sense that you need to make the stand somewhere / and it needs to be deliberate. The LDS church's stand against R rated movies has made it so easy to stay away from them. PG-13 should be added to the list of what not to watch.
Thanks for the good example Gordon, and thanks for making it public.