Monday, November 17, 2008

Two surprises at the Swim Meet

Last Saturday I participated in the SDRC masters swim meet (Click here for details). There were two main surprises:

  1. Alistair Cockburn - I've seen this guy once at Tomax. He is a friend of Jeff Patton's. Alistair is a world renowned Agile Development professional. He has written several books and is an expert in the field of Software Development Project workflow. Stuff that goes WAY over my head. Anyhow I found this page last week which at first I thought, "Nah, maybe its a different Alistair." But that is a unique name and sure enough he showed up at the meet and kicked butt. I had no idea he was that old. I thought he was the same age as Jeff and I (late thirties or something). He's really fast, and not just for an old guy, just plain fast.

  2. I saw Sarah Bowman from Ricks College and noted her married name is now Sarah Hansen. I should have said hello, but I was shocked to see her. I saw her in St. George once at the Marathon down there and didn't say hello, and I didn't say hello this time either. It's not like we're enemies or anything. I could have said "Hi", but I'm a chicken liver and a social moron. It's not like saying Hi to an old crush is really flirting or anything. Next time.

I was very pleased with my results. Cathi did good too. But she isn't as concerned about swimming as I am. She's focused on running right now. She is going down to Nevada to the Valley of Fire Marathon next Saturday and hopes to go to a couple more marathon's before next spring's Boston Marathon.


Aaron said...


If Cathi needs a marathon on January 3rd, there's the Running with an Angel marathon in Boulder City, NV ( I don't know too much about it other than that I'm signed up for it, so therefore it's awesome.

Also, I just checked the calendar and saw that Ogden's only 4 weeks after Boston. Let Cathi know there's no reason she shouldn't run 2 marathons in 4 weeks, and I better be seeing her in Ogden, also.

Tiffany said...

You guys are so amazing! Way to go!

Tiffany said...

You guys are sooooo cool. I wish that I was in the kind of shape you are. Way to go!