Thursday, November 13, 2008

Date with Lucy

I took Lucy about three years ago to Disney's Princess On Ice and she loved it. Last night I took her to Disney on Ice. It was fun to have a one on one date with my only daughter. She sometimes gets left out of connecting with Dad cause she's not into table tennis, lifting, or swimming laps like the boys are. So this was a great opportunity to be together.

We parked at my work and walked over. Based on the Princess on Ice show several years ago I knew the Disney vendors would be mad at work trying to get me to spend over 100% markup on their goods being sold at the event, so the day before I went to Wal-mart and picked up two small Disney items: A light up princess wand and a fake princess cell-phone. I presented them to her at the beginning of our walk and she was on cloud nine. I had to keep her from skipping the whole way there.

I did pay for a program though. I do like those cause they're big, full colored pictures of the thing so she can take it home and it can be looked at over and over. She still has the princess one floating around somewhere at home. I also let her take the camera for pictures that she thought would be good to take.

I saw Andrew from a distance walking over there with his wife and daughters, but when we got there, there number of people in the stands made it impossible to spot him.

During the Mulan portion of the show, Mulan reenacted the shooting of the rocket to cause an avalanche. To represent the snow, a big white sheet came down from the rafters and several skaters grabbed it and moved it over the big group of Hun armies. Lucy leaned over and said pathetically, "Is that the best they can do?". I had to laugh. She's turning into cynical Dad. Oh well. After we walked back to Tomax and then we went out for some dinner. She got to choose any restaurant, and she chose KFC.

KFC? Ugh. Could have been worse I guess.


Elayna said...

Lucy is so fun. I LOVE her personality and how she is like her mom, so upbeat and easily made happy.

Andrew said...

You were there? From you picture it looks like you were just over from where we were. And we parked at Tomax too! I can't believe I didn't even see you...