Friday, December 5, 2008

Another modern String Quartet

I just learned today that I have an alternative to great quartet music besides Apocolyptica. There are String Quartet tributes full of covers from various modern artists. Some of my favorites! (System of a Down, Tool, Disturbed) Good stuff. Only thing is a quartet just isn't enough. It would be better if an entire symphony did these covers. The music just isn't very rich, although its fine in simplicity.

Only thing is, they should now try to come out with more original stuff. The three albums I got only came with two original compositions, which are very good! Apocolyptica's best music is what they wrote, not the covers. I'll keep an eye on VSQ for any other good albums.

"My tapeworm tells me what to do" - System of a down

Although I bet its alot like watching a sequel movie or reading a second series book without partaking of the first one. How do these songs sound to those who've never tasted of the original? Comments...


Bhatch said...

So, Sarah (your fav. niece, right?) and I listened to the "tapeworm" song. I haven't heard the real version before, and it was good--but, I think to truly appreciate it, one would need to know what the original song is. I think knowing the orig. song allows you know what the lyrics are and the singers voice, hence enhancing your listening pleasure to the quartet version.
However, Sarah said, "Pway it again, mommy" when it was over. So 2-year-olds like it, I guess.

Gords said...

I was afraid of that. The original song is not for everyone, especially sweet little Sarah. But if you're bold enough to give the orig a try, check it out here. But be warned, you have to be in a "lifting mood". It's not for everyone, just like bad country music.

Bhatch said...

Yeah, now that I've heard the original version, the fun to compare the quartet version. Pretty fun, actually.