Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Software HQ - ripping people off

I wanted to look into getting Nero Burning ROM for Vista 64 Home Premium. I already bought a license for my old machine, but want to burn on my new desktop. So I went online to get download an updated version. I went to Software HQ.net and signed up for the one year subscription since they showed as having Nero.

Come to find out that the service they provide is only a link to the trialware version of Nero. You still have to pay for the Full version of Nero. OK - so the Software HQ people provided me with what? It's not like you need a third party to download trialware.

What a rip off! I complained and they sent me a crappy response back basically saying "Aha! We got you! And the lengthy disclaimer that you put a checkbox into says you can't get your money back. Ha ha!" I'm a doofus and Software HQ is lame.

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