Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools call from Cathi

Cathi called me today and said that a family friend (who lives in Australia and is trying to move here to the US) called and they would like to live in our basement until they get a job. I was excited cause it was fun having them here for the few days they came to visit Utah a couple years ago. I said, "You bet!". But then I remember talking to her this morning via facebook and the topic never came up which seemed fishy.

Then it hit me. "Cathi! Careful now! What is today?". Thinking that Gina was playing a trick on us and then Cathi chuckled a little "What?". Then I knew it was Cathi's doing. That little snot! That would have been fun having them over here. Oh well. Why didn't I pick up on it sooner? Its not like I forgot what today was.

I remember having lots of fun last year with no bake cookies and putting them on several coworker's desk.

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