Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Prank

Last night I stayed up making No Bake Cookies formed in the shape of turds and gave them to various fellow co-workers with the following notes written on this image blown up to take a full piece of paper.

Sylaja - Are you pooped working on Advanced Pricing yet?
Brendon - I give a crap about you.
Jeff - I'm pooped after last week's work.
Mark Wiseman - I searched through My Program Files and found this log.
Trevor - Sorry about the time consuming "releases" lately.
Andrew - I give a crap about you.
David - This Crud's for you.
Lynn - Here's my core dump.
Christian - a tip: Flushing your cache every once in a while improves performance.
Mike Morgan - Can you ask [customer name] for another Log?
Jaye - Working anywhere else would really stink!
Shannon - Thanks for keeping the facilities so clean.
and then I made one for my
Mom - I give a crap about you and your little dog!
Dad - I hope you're not pooped with all the tax returns.

Not many people could raise the amount of bravery to actually eat the cookies even though I provided a recipe to help ease tensions.

1 comment:

Trevor said...

Was easier to eat once I broke it into pieces :D
Good joke!
I finally got to come in to work and say "I wish people would quit leaving their [crud] all over my desk."