Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Huge Nerf Battle Dream

Last night I had a crazy dream. First off, there are a few Nerf guns at work that my coworkers like to shoot at each other every once in a while. I don't have a Nerf gun so I am not involved in these skirmishes. Anyway, last night I had a dream that my Brother in law, Brendon who is two rows down had his team of about 5 people each bring in their own super massive Nerf guns. They started a battle with my team.

These Nerf bullets were huge. About as thick around as footballs and about 30 inches long. I was sitting at my desk which kind of faces Brendon's row and over the wall came one of these bullets and hit me right in the face. It almost knocked me off my seat. I was pissed off! Of course I didn't have a Nerf gun and if I did, these big bullets definitely wouldn't load into it. So I just picked up the bullet and threw it like a football back at the offenders.

At the same time more of these large Nerf bullets kept flying over which I dodged. The other members of my team pulled out their wimpy little Nerf guns and started shooting back, only to be laughed at by Brendon's team. I was getting into it, gathering all these large bullets and hurling them at high speeds back at Brendon's team.

About this time Jaye walked around the corner at which time everyone hurried to get back in there seats. We were all busted.

So what could this dream mean? Do I feel inferior at work? Do I goof around too much? Do I feel competitive with others at work? Lately I've been feeling more and more confident with my skills and knowledge so I'm feeling better about my abilities than I have say a year ago. But perhaps my subconscious is still aware of my weaknesses (compared to very talented and bright people at Tomax) and reminding me to be humble. Physical strengths don't really help programmers do well at their jobs.

Also perhaps my subconscious is reminding me to not be more productive and be more aware of my responsibilities to the company. Otherwise I might be held accountable by management. Anyway it was kind of a funny dream.

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Bhatch said...

Maybe you are actually turning into a pre-cog and have been warned against a pending nerf assault.

Watch yourself...

(Were Watching and waiting)