Monday, October 12, 2009

Publicly denouncing Rammstein and praising Infected Mushroom

For the past decade I have been a fan of Rammstein. That is until now. Their latest album cover is simply pornographic. I've tried overlooking much of Rammstein's past indiscretions in their videos and concerts. But they seem to focus so much on shocking their audience with their lyrics and antics than in the quality of their music. With how the world is going though, they may get more popular with their disgusting behavior. Not with me though. I'll be playing deaf to their next album.

So I publicly denounce Rammstein as my favorite band, and replace them with a new favorite: Infected Mushroom. If I were to stand before my maker I would feel very much that he would agree in my appreciation of their music. They focus on music quality, and their lyrics aren't offensive.

So go check them out: Infected Mushroom rocks!

Here's some samples:

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