Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vivid dream again - cliff jumping

Well I had another extremely vivid dream. The last dream I had like that was a tragedy type dream. This one was more enjoyable. It started out where I heard about this new cliff jumping camp. It consists of a small group of people who rent a humongous warehouse get a pool, and build a rock wall (which also had rock climbers on it) and then at certain points along the wall was an opening where you could take stairs along the back side of the wall, then come to the opening and jump into the pool.

The camp consisted of 10 total jumps, the first one starting at 10 meters and then progressively getting higher. But get this, the last three jumps are so high they have to take you outside to specific points somewhere in the world that would allow for such high jumps.

So I heard about this camp at work and Sylaja (my boss) and I paid the $100 to join the camp. The first few jumps were cake. Once I got to the 30-50 foot jumps it was a little challenging mentally to do it. But the camp director (who happened to be the director at Scout Camp Loll) gave us tips to overcome our fears. Once we got to the 100 foot and higher jumps you would jump into a stream of water that also went down to the point of entry in the water. This helped the landings to be softer.

Once we got the 8th jump we had to go to the edge of the Grand Canyon. There was a large river that went over the edge. We were supposed to jump over the edge into the waterfall going straight down. It was so far I couldn't see the bottom. I was like "How far is this jump?" The camp director overhead me and said to Sylaja and me, "It isn't about how far it is people! It's about how much fun your havin!" One of the assistants, who happened to be Rex Brimhall then went up to the edge and without a moment's hesitation walked over the edge into the waterfall going down to the bottom.

I then followed him. The fall ended up being about a mile. It was amazing how long I was just falling in the mist all around me. At first it was scary, but after a few seconds, this was fun! After about a minute, then the mist got thicker until I could tell I was getting near the bottom and I could hear a huge roar of water. Then I entered the water at the bottom. It was a soft entry. Softer than even the 50 foot jump. What a thrill!

Then I woke up. Dang! I wanted to see the last two jumps! What a crazy dream. Made me think, "If I can overcome the fear of jumping into a fall where I can't see the bottom, the English Channel is something right up my alley. Being prepared physically and mentally and having the right support team is all there is to it. Sounds easy, but I really believe I've got the metal to do it.

I really wish I could plug my brain into a computer and record video of that dream, it was so real. Extremely thrilling and what a fantastic view!

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