Thursday, October 1, 2009

Square Trade - quick to google itself?

This morning I wrote a nasty little post about Square Trade because of the denied claim on my GPS unit which failed at the start of last Saturday's 160 mile ride.

They said on the phone that my claim was denied because the warranty doesn't cover water damage. Which I told them had never had water on the inside. It corroded because of old batteries. But they pretty much said sorry.

About 2 hours later, and after I posted my nasty blog about their service, I get a call back saying they are re-reviewing my claim and asked again for my story which I retold. They said, "Oh, well if it never had water damage on the inside and it was due to batteries, then that is different". So they're sending me a shipping bag to put the GPS in and send to them for repair.

So I ended up deleting my nasty blog post and have this one now. This could be a good ending afterall.

So now I'm wondering why they did they review and reverse their initial claim decision? If it had anything to do with my initial posting, then that would be great. But that would be too cool.


Aaron said...

I would not at all be surprised to find that it's from googling themselves. I posted something on my blog about CrashPlan once, and had a comment from them within like two hours or something. Kind of spooky. So, now that I know that some companies do that, I'm guessing that's what happened to you.

If you do a search like, you're still there on the first page, so they might just check something like that everyday looking for people like you.

It's kind of sad that it takes something like a nasty blog post for them to start using their brains, though, and that they can't have the first line of contact also know how to use their brains.

squarevince said...

Hi Aaron & Gords -

Thanks for the blog post, and just wanted to leave a quick note to let you know that we in fact have a "google blog alert" set up to notify us every time somebody mentions SquareTrade. That's how we found you so quickly. =)

Our policy is to make sure that all customers are treated fairly & we live up to our high service standards for all our customers. We have an awesome service team, and they always try to deliver the best service the first time around, but sometimes things fall through the cracks at even the best companies. Google alerts help us proactively reassess and address any customers who feel they were treated unfairly. (We also like to know when people say great things about their experience too!)

I hope we were able to get your claim squared away. If you have any other questions or problems, please feel free to contact Kord, our Customer Experience Manager at He is the best!

Vince Tseng
SquareTrade VP of Marketing