Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chicken butt!

Last night I could help but laugh when I heard my little Oliver on his last day of being a two year old ask his older Brother Jacob, "Guess What?" Jacob said "What?", Oliver then yells in his cute little two year old voice, "Chicken butt!". Then everyone laughs out loud together.

This morning I got up and got all dressed to ride my bike in to work. I topped off my tires and was about ready to clip in when I could hear Oliver inside. He was awake and crying, "I want my Dad!". Jacob was trying to calm him by turning on Sesame Street. Cathi had already left for a run and Oli wanted some love by one of his parents. So I went back in and exclaimed, "Happy Birthday big boy?" He smiled and I hurried into my work clothes and we went to Warren's for pancakes.
He was so happy. He chose the booth to sit in and we had a wonderful breakfast together. He got syrup all over his arms and shirt, and the shoes I put on him were Sams so they kept falling off.

So after breakfast we washed up in the restroom and went over to Walmart and got him a new outfit including shoes. He picked out some cool shoes and a nice Ironman shirt and shorts combo. Then we stopped by the toy aisle and he picked out a pack of cars that he took home and played with. What a fantastic morning. He was very happy and said "Thanks Dad". What a joy to be a Dad to these cute kids!

Here's Grandma Low's traditional Happy Birthday singing.


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Sounds like a great morning! What a special birthday present to be able to spend the morning with his Dad!