Wednesday, May 26, 2010

America screwed up

Biggest loser - So last night the guy I voted for was NOT picked to go to the finals of biggest loser. Koli did win the "At home" challenge of losing the most weight. A whopping 53% of bodyweight.

Mike, who started at 525 pounds did lose 50.1% of his bodyweight was the biggest loser as far as the game goes.

It's too bad though that the game allows the real biggest loser to not win the grand prize. The game has turned into survivor where you can vote people off, but isn't the game about losing weight, not gameplay?

I mean, if the biggest loser didn't lose the most percentage of body weight, he ISN'T the biggest loser. Let him have the big check, whatever, cause the show isn't about the money. It's about losing the weight. Give Mike the $250, but the biggest loser title IS Koli's.

Not to take away from Mike or anyone else on the show. They still lost a ton of weight. Good job to everyone on the show. My favorite was O'Neil. That guy had some fire!

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Eric said...

It's worse than Survivor. In Survivor, it's only the contestants that vote each other off. This was America's doing! He probably would have been voted off anyway, though. Michael and Ashley would have kept Daris.

Either way, Koli rocked! You could tell he was disappointed that America didn't choose him, though.