Friday, May 7, 2010

Russell Hantz did NOT win Survivor Heroes vs. Villains

I read today that Russell Hantz was arrested for hitting some guy down to the ground at a festival in Louisiana.

Based on this I can infer that he did NOT win Survivor Heroes vs. Villains because to a guy with that big of a head, if he won, he wouldn't be frustrated. This tells me that he's having so much frustration with his outcome (and his life) that he has to resort to violence because he isn't happy.

Poor guy.

Can I just say I can't stand Russell Hantz? Survivor's biggest villain and fool. If he wanted to win, he'd win over a few people instead of make everyone on the jury hate him. It's not who makes it to the end alone. It's who makes it to the end and has enough people on the jury who will vote him as the sole survivor.

I would have thought he would have learned that the first time, when he lost to some girl that I can't even remember anymore.


brendaporter said...

I agree that he will not win. He has no clue how to play a social game or how to schmooze a jury and when put up against Parvati she will get the votes and he will get zero. I hear tho it is an F3 and Sandra will be also in the running. If you look at the makeup of the jury Sandra has the majority of the votes. Russell has burned sooo many bridges through his style of play and his actions will haunt him again at the Final Tribal as it did last season. I hope that this season's Finale will not show a pouting Russell again as last Finale's did. As at some point he has to realize where he messes up is his inability to win the jury over and his actions. Great blog!!!!

Gords said...

I was right. Not a single vote for Russell. And no it isn't American Idol, you can't win the Million having America vote for you. Cause they like to see doofus' behave badly, but the people you treat like crud don't like it and won't give you the million. So Russell Hantz, go try singing your way to the top. I'd love to see that.