Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Courage or stupidity

Last night at the stake youth activity, they had the youth do several activities such as:

1) Climbing a ladder that wasn't leaning against anything, just people at the base holding it vertical.
2) Climbing another ladder about 4-5 feet high and falling backwards to a row of friends with locked hands to catch.
3) Swinging a cement block that was tethered to basketball stand. It starts placed just below the persons face and then when it swings back, don't flinch.

Here's a picture of Jacob doing the cement block swing:
Well he must have been leaning backwards when he dropped it, cause he was brave, didn't flinch and it actually hit him in the chin. Not too bad. But it definitely did hit him. It didn't appear to hurt him.

There were a few others where it hit them in the chest. And there were some who totally flinched. This exercise was fun.

Afterwards they showed a clip of the Hoyt son and father who did an Ironman. It gave me inspiration for this weekend's 70.3. I'm excited and looking forward to it!

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