Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hiking with the kids

Yesterday after my long swim at Bountiful Lake, I thought it would be a perfect day to take the kids on a hike. Cathi was gone to Ragnar's Wasatch back with her girlfriend runners, and I was home with the kids. So we went up to the white rock.

I had a small cooler with Gatorades, water, and some cereal bars. Leftovers from my planned swim. I put Oliver and Sam in a wagon and pulled them from the base of the City Creek gate, up a little over a mile to the trailhead for the short little .5 mile hike up the mountain. The kids had a ball. They were very obedient to the command to stay on the creek side of the road to avoid head on collisions with bikers coming down.

I told them about Brooke Hopkins, the college professer who came down to fast on his bike and swerved to miss some hikers who weren't following instructions, and fell off his bike and died much later due to his injuries. So they were surprisingly good about staying on the correct side of the road while walking up single file.

Nobody complained and they all were excited to make it to this "famous rock" where I took Jacob once before. When we got there, we took an empty Gatorade bottle and put $1.75 in it and buried it under the other rock next to the white rock.

When we got back to the car we still had a couple hours until our Father's Day celebration at Chuck a Rama in Bountiful with the Lows. So we went over to the Capital building and walked around in the basement. They took out all the cool displays! It was so boring in there compared to what I remember. So we didn't stay there for long. We ended up going to a park in Bountiful and played on the playground.

Thank goodness for 100 spf sunscreen! The kids ate a ton at the Chuck A Rama and I did too. Much more than I should have. But hey! It's Father's Day and I had given the kids a wonderful day instead of just sitting at home watching TV waiting for Cathi to come back home. Plus I just swam for 3:15 that morning, so I don't need to be down on myself for indulging a little.

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