Monday, July 20, 2015

Camp Loll, Girls Camp, Bear Lake Monster Swim, and Cathi's Colorado marathon!

This last week can probably go down as the craziest, busiest weeks for our family this year!

Jonas and I went to Camp Loll, located 30 miles east of Ashton, Idaho on Monday morning.  I was there until Tuesday where I arrived back home at 11:30pm to go to work for two days.

Jonas remained at Camp Loll all week long and earned the Environmental Science, Woodcarving and Indian Lore merit badges.

Lucy left for girls camp on Wednesday thru Saturday.

I left for Bear Lake on Thursday evening and had quite the eventful weekend.  Details here.

Jacob, Sam and Oliver joined me on Friday morning up at the cabin, while Cathi and Isaac left for a cross country drive to Aspen Colorado, where she was hoping to get that state colored in on her map.

Saturday was the Bear Lake Monster Swim which went really well.  Jacob swam the one mile event and came in 4th place.  He did really well and Sam and Oliver were a great help for me getting the race preparations finalized.  There were 15 people who successfully swam the width of Bear Lake.  A pretty impressive feat.

Cathi ran a 4:14 on her marathon and had a good time.  It was good for her and Isaac to get some one on one time.

This week is much less eventful, and get to spend the weekend all together at the cabin.

Oh and Lucy got her learner's permit and her braces off!

And Sam just got some braces put on this morning.  A total surprise to me!  Lucy just messaged me the picture. I knew he'd need them eventually but didn't know he was ready for them to go in this week!

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