Friday, July 10, 2015

Low Family Reunion

We had such a fun time at the Low Family Reunion.  We played volleyball, rock climbed, played paintball, played lots of games together and swam together.  Here are several pics of the fun week we had!

It rained like crazy a couple times.  Left a full rainbow behind

Dice game was a hit!

We enjoyed listening to Walker report on his mission, as well as Tyler and Brayden talk about their newly accepted mission calls.

Cousins enjoying the pond

Is this crawdad dead or alive?

Oliver said on the way there, "This reunion better be fun!"  I think it met his satisfaction.

Crayfish from the pond.

Beautiful sunset 

Lucy wanted to try rowing in a rowboat instead of paddling in a kayak all the time.

Oliver gets ready for a killer serve.

Nice form Oli!

Walker does a graceful backwards slam.

Cathi serves it up.

Oli did so good everybody called the game "Oliball"

Such finesse

Don't miss Cathi!

Oliver makes a last ditch effort to keep the ball up by kicking it.

Josh gets it over.

It's OK Cathi.  Good try.

More from Lagoon:

Summer, Lucy and Kelsey brave the Skycoasters

Get ready!

No fear

Hold on!

Low Sisters

Getting ready for the Giant Ferris wheel

As Grandpa would always ask, "Has your Mom been feeding you hormones?"  Next year we'll see if Isaac passes up Becky.

Oliver waiting for the anticipated bell.

Oliver loves a good crash

Thanks Mom and Dad for the fun week!!!

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