Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth of July Celebration in Logan

 This weekend we went up to the cabin and on Friday night.  We went to the Utah State University stadium and watched Ryan Shupe and the Rubberbands in concert.  The kids earlier in the day had agreed to soak in the 58°F Logan River for one minute in order to earn a concession at the concert/fireworks show.

Some of them did it.

On Saturday morning we all went to Bear Lake to meet up with Chad for a training swim.  It was beautiful and we both saw several large fish.  Even though we all smothered sun screen on each other, we all got sun burnt.  Except for Cathi who stayed under the sun tent the whole time.  I guess the only smart one.

We played night games on Saturday evening and had a lot of fun up at the cabin.

Hobo Spider we saw at the cabin.

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