Monday, August 6, 2007

Wake up call

I recently watched a home made video by a guy in my Stake of various Iraq war video coverage that was produced with some patriotic country music to go with it. At the time I watched it and while others around me were crying with pride, I thought it was a little over emotionalized.

I recently watched a couple of video clips of soldiers in Iraq who took video of Camel Spiders. Some people think of US soldiers as brave and honorable. What does that mean? I don't think anybody thinks these guys are perfect human beings. But it was eye opening to hear the language these guys were using. It was disappointing.

I'm an adult and I've heard profanity before and even used it myself in times of duress. But to hear profanity used flamboyantly and as common language makes me sick and angry. I'd like to think that our soldiers are god-fearing men and that we truly are fighting evil. I'm sure that many of them are, but definitely not all. But the experience reminds me that there is black and white mixed everywhere. There are very few absolutes (at least where men are involved), good vs. evil.

Who are we to think we have all the answers and start executing judgment by taking away the lives of others on the other side of the world? Some say "Better in Iraq, than here at home". Well, show me your crystal ball. Are our soldiers really fighting for our freedom by fighting in Iraq right now? I don't think so. Maybe to a small extent. Sure there are some really bad things happening in Iraq right now. But how much better off is it really than when they were ruled by a dictator? Instead of an organized madness, it's a disorganized madness.

But this is coming from a very narrow point of view. I don't claim to know a whole bunch about what's going on. But it is my point of view nonetheless and unless someone can explain and show otherwise I'll probably not really see the point of our being there.

Your thoughts?

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