Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Funny Flashback

Yesterday I heard a song that caused a flashback......

Back in spring of 2002 I was at Tomax at 8:00 for a meeting held by Jeff Patton. I was in the Snowbird Conference room at 8:00 sharp. Jeff came in and started setting up his presentation on his laptop. Michael Colpitts came in and sat down. Jeff realized he had left something at his desk. Before he left he started playing this song on his laptop loud enough for everyone to hear. I think he was trying to entertain Mike and I for the couple minutes he would be gone.

I immediately recognized the band - Soul Coughing. Jeff Patton has great musical taste I thought. Granted this wasn't Soul Coughing's best song, but Mike Doughty is a great song writer and poet. I like the jazzy and funky sound of his music! When Jeff had left the room, Michael in his effeminate Canadian accent said something like "That's rude. Playing music and then leaving the room, and listen to those lyrics! How offensive!" (The song refers to a plane crashing into a building. The song was written before 9/11 so I'm sure people had unjustly attributed the song to that event.)

"Oh brother lighten up!" I thought. Maybe if he played country, opera or some gay crap, I would have agreed. I didn't say anything, but Jeff scored points with me and Mike lost a couple.

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