Friday, August 31, 2007

No Desire - Ich habe keine lust

Today I heard a different version of "Ich Habe Keine Lust" from Peter Schilling which is simply nauseating compared to Rammstein's which is fantastic. Looks like Peter Schilling's version was released in 1999 on his best of album(really?) and Rammstein's in 2005. Talk about upping the ante. Rammstein proving again that they really rule musically. Give them both a listen if "Du habe lust" and give me your opinion, especially if you disagree.

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Anonymous said...

That Peter Schilling one is **yawn** boring, but Ramstein singer guy either a)sounds angry at the world
b)can't sing very well (obvious) and so does the heavy-metal groan type singing to camoflage that fact.
Do you know German?
Sorry to be critical of your fav band, but you wanted some opinions. Do you just listen to that when you're lifting for some pumping music? You should check out CREED--won't they be energetic enough? Ummm...probably not for lifting music...oh well, have a good time w/Rahmstein.
"The all-knowing and qualified music critic"