Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jacob's first football game

Jacob ready to roll!
Jacob had his first football game. He was the end guy on the line on both defense and offense. He still has to learn to get a fire under him to get after the quarterback. He was able to do well protecting the quarterback and tie up his guy, but on offense, he didn't realize that he was supposed to go around the guy instead of tie him up. He made a couple of good plays. He was able to defend the runner behind him from three guys and the running back was able to get a 12 yard run because of Jacob's blocking. I made a deal with Jacob for several different plays and Jacob managed to earn $8.

$5 - Protecting the runner resulting in a first down
$1 - Tackling a runner with the ball
$1 - Chasing down the quarterback and making him get a sack
$1 - winning the game.

Good job Jacob!
Jacob ready to roll!

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