Thursday, July 24, 2008

Avoiding BPA (and wheat bread)

I remember at Ricks College being good friends with Alex Olson from Boston, MA who was my lifting partner and fitness inspiration. We both ate at the cafeteria and he would eat boiled egg whites and avoid wheat bread. He told me wheat bread has estrogen in it. Estrogen is the enemy of bodybuilders. Testosterone is the friend.

At any rate, I read an article today in People magazine that reminded me of the constant awareness of avoiding estrogen (even if it might be a myth). BPA is a chemical which claims to be leached from certain plastics into animals and possibly humans. The BPA chemical has been found to contain estrogen of sorts, and may cause breast cancer, prostrate cancer, and low sperm count (not that I care about that now). Read here for more interesting information about BPA.

There are plenty of arguments that BPA is perfectly safe, but regardless I ought to avoid it even if there isn't conclusive evidence enough to convince the FDA and other agencies. So look for the Recycling #7 symbol underneath your plastic containers and think twice before using it, especially reusing it in a microwave.

Oh, and I've given up on avoiding wheat bread. I've not heard anyone else purport that it has estrogen, but that it has alot of health benefits. Plus I'm not so gung-ho into bodybuilding as I was back then.

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