Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Getting burned at Murdock Chevrolet (again)

This is the second time I've been burned at Murdock Chevrolet in Woods Cross. When will I learn my lesson? I'm writing this to help ingrain into my slow brain not to go there again. When I bought my van there I got the booklet of free oil changes. Well they're not free.

Yesterday I had some other work done in addition to the Free oil changes. They even installed a "$75 air filter which was critically dirty" and suggested a new "$45 fuel filter". I went online and got both at partstrain.com for less than half what he quoted me. He tried telling me that they're just really expensive. That's true if you buy them through him. I told him to put the old one back in and I would do it.

Then I didn't get the requested call for the amount I would need to pay, or when the work was done. I had to call him and he said the work would be done just before closing at 6pm. When I show up, I paid the amount without looking very clearly at all the descriptions, which was totally my fault. But there was no attempt to explain all the charges. I was hot and felt like getting the hell out of there. So I just paid, and now am realizing what a mistake that was.

Well this morning I found out that they charged me for labor on the oil change (which was supposed to be free) and for some "Kit: PF46/50" for a total of $34.95. Anyhow, make sure you don't get burned by mechanics. Slow down and make them explain all the charges. This is the second time I've been burned by Murdock and I'm done dealing with them.

I'm also sick of them trying to make up. So if you're reading this and your from Murdock. Just realize that your service department sucks (or those that I've had to deal with), and that you're slogan is far from the truth. What you really mean is that "Your [money] is at the heart of your business." There is a difference.

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