Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This morning I saw a clip of something Good Morning America was introducing, Pickleball. The thing that bothered me is they were called it a "cross between tennis and 'ping pong'". This game looked more like a lazy man's tennis. Come on - if you are an old fogy or a fat ass who wants to play tennis, but are too slow, try something that is already invented, like badminton.

They said one of the benefits of Pickleball is that it can be played by all ages. OK - but so can table tennis. In fact, table tennis involves less running than pickleball, and is even easier to play than pickleball. Also - why name the sport after a freakin' dog! I'm sure glad the dog wasn't named "Kicked inda", or "Scratchin my".

Diane Sawyer sure made herself look like a retard trying to play. Talk about needing more hand and eye coordination! I'm sorry, but this story stunk. Why not give more attention to a game that has international respect and history, rather than introduce a new game? The USA needs to improve its own competitive quality play of table tennis. Just like Rugby and cricket, table tennis doesn't get enough attention in the US to interest Americans enough to play it seriously.

Hopefully this summer when NBC covers the olympics they will actually show more table tennis, and give it more attention in the US. Hopefully enough to bring out the "basement players" to clubs around the country. One other gripe I have in regards to the US standard for table tennis, is with the Sportcraft company. I'm constantly seeing more of this company's poor quality and substandard equipment wherever I go! I've had it with them. The US deserves paddles that conform to ITTF regulations, and the US also needs to wakeup to the rules of the game!

Here is the Good Morning America clip I saw which prompted this whole rant:

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