Sunday, April 29, 2012

Feeding tube is gone

Yesterday Sam ate a hot dog and some fries and is drinking water as well.  He's doing so much better.  His feeding tube was clogged up and so we figured instead of trying to unclog it, we might as well just pull it out since he's doing a bunch of eating on his own.

Sam got several visits from Aunt Diane.  She watched him today
while we all went to church.  He loves it when she comes!
We found him sacked out when we got home.  
Except for a couple small scabs on his lips, and his "Darth Maul" eyes, he's back to his whole self.  He has a Dr. Appointment tomorrow morning and I'm expecting that everything should be OK for him to go back to school this week.  We just love having him smile and laugh like the good old days.  Things like this really make you count your blessings.

Also, I feel so blessed that our prayers are answered and he's back to normal.  Something like that sure makes you realize how lucky we are to have healthy kids!  There were alot of sick kids at Primary Childrens that had it rougher than Sam.  Made me sad to hear the occasional cry or moaning in the middle of the night even when it wasn't my own.  We should keep those prayers going for those kids too.

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