Friday, April 20, 2012


This morning when I broke the news to the Doctors that he was unable to hit his goal, they said that they admired Sam's valiant efforts to get his nutrition on his own, but that we would have to try again to get a feeding tube placed.  He cried and moaned at the idea.  I sent them out and we had another chat.  It broke my heart thinking about another lengthy struggle to get the tube to place properly.
Team Gridley makes a come back!

Cathi joined us just before the nurse came in to get the tube in.  She was able to get it in place within about 1 minute!  I was so relieved!  After that Sam took a long nap and she showed Cathi and I how to "flush" the tube, and how to apply medicine through the tube.

Everything was going so well I decided to go to work at noon and work the rest of the afternoon.

When I got back Sam and Mom were chillin on the bed.  Sam had a very pleased look on his face.  No medicine or milkshakes to worry about.

Cathi and Sam relaxing in front of a movie.
We're all very excited to go home!

Tomorrow morning Cathi will get up bright and early and run the SLC Marathon, while I get us checked out of here.

Today I confirmed that the Maximum Out Of Pocket that our insurance allows is $5,000 yr.  Anything above that and they cover all costs.  Fortunately for us I have been putting more than enough into our HSA, and this 6 day stay at Primary Childrens hospital won't bankrupt us.

The stay here at Primary Children's has been top notch care.  The Doctors and nurses have been very good with us.

We feel so very blessed to have Sam recover enough to go home!  He'll still be doing a lot of resting at home and some home schooling, but over the next few weeks he should be able to return to normal life.

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Elayna said...

YAY!! I am so glad everyone will be home again. Still let us know if anything is needed. :)