Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sam, you lucky!

Sam was all smiles when I got home.
This morning my company's COO, Jaye Olafson, handed me a laptop that was being phased out and said, "For Sam, with love". I knew that Sam would just light up like a light when he knew he was getting this new laptop.  A few minutes afterwards I had tears come thinking about what a sweet and generous gift this was for my sick boy.
When I got home, I set it up so that he could watch any of our movies, via the external hard drives, using the new laptop.

I haven't seen Sam smile this much in two weeks.  It really made my chest burst with happiness to see.

As you can see his eyes are actually white on the inside, but still red on the outside.  The eye drops are working!  His lips are healing well too.  He still has major scabs, and lots of bleeding, but they are improving!

Cathi was working with him on his letters, and Sam is excited to go back to school.  Perhaps next Monday?

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad he's doing well. What a horrible scare this has been. God bless.