Thursday, April 19, 2012


Sam has alot of get well cards taped up on the wall!  
When you have a sore mouth and don't feel like eating, they really encourage you to eat.  Anything.  Even if the only thing that doesn't hurt going down is a milkshake.  So today's goal was to drink three rather large milkshakes.  It was taking forever with a straw, so I finally found that if we got it really frozen good, I could use a spoon and get Sam to get more into his mouth, and it goes faster a little faster.

Sam is continuing to progress.  His eyes are still red, but his vision is still good and unaffected.  When he isn't eating and watching a movie, he's sleeping.  His fever has a tendency to come back, so he must have regular schedule of Children's Tylenol to keep it under control.

Tonight I noticed that he's starting to get a little dirty, so I asked him about taking a bath and he was up for it.  He really enjoyed the break from sitting in the bed and getting his sores immersed in clean warm water.  He loved it.  Afterwards he went right to his bed and fell immediately asleep.  Feels so good to be fresh!

The Doctors have said that if he continues to progress as well in the next 24 hours as he has in the past couple of days, that he should be able to go home tomorrow.  Granted he won't be playing and still a very sick little boy, but he'll be able to be monitored and recover at home without being at one of the most specialized hospitals in the Inter-mountain West.

The pediatrician reassured us that the cause of the SJS was his reaction to the Walking Pnemonia..  Cathi asked whether he could get it again and he reassured us, that while it is possible, that in the years of experience he has had with patients with Stephens Johnson Syndrome, that NONE of them had a reoccurence.  He said that it didn't mean it couldn't happen, but that the likelihood was even more remote than getting it the first time.  Also, we know what symptoms to look for with SJS, so it wouldn't take so long to get the proper treatment should something like this happen again, however remote.

Sam watching Home Alone with Cathi.  She nodded off for
a nap.  
This afternoon we watched one of Sam's favorite movies.  It melted my heart to watch same smile and laugh when it got to his favorite part in the movie.  The bad guys are in the house and one of them has a tarantula on his face and he screams like a girl.  Then it walks across his chest and his partner tries to kill it with a crowbar and misses and ends up pounding his partner in crime in the chest.  Same laughed aloud and it was so fun to see!  Cathi came in about 1pm and enjoyed just cuddling with him in the bed while I spoon fed him his milkshake which was done one a very frequent schedule.

Today's visitors included: Grandpa and Grandma Low, Eric and my Dad.

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