Saturday, September 1, 2007

Gridley Bike Race

Well there were quite a few deadbeats to Dad's challenge, but here is how it went.
We started in front of the FAA building on 700 North turned north on 2200 W to 2100 N and turned right. Went over the overpass down to 1800 N turned right to 2200 W again and turned North. Followed the same path again to get to 1800 N and 2200 W again, then turned south to just past 700 North. Total = 7 miles.

Dad and Mom got a head start of 25 seconds. I got a head start of 5 seconds to Eric. Mom only did the northern loop once so her race was only 5 miles.

Eric passed me quite easily. I wasn't going to kill myself. I saw that Eric was closing in on Dad, but never was able to pass him. Dad won the race with Eric about 100 yards behind him. I don't know what everyone else's times were, but I did the race in 14.4 Avg speed (28 minutes or so) and came in last. Better luck next year.


Nobody said...

Wow, nice shorts, Dad! That's why I could never pass him. Every time I got close, I would look up and was blinded.

In all honesty, Dad was able to keep up a good speed the whole time. I was quite impressed. Next year, I can't give him a 30 second head start!

Anonymous said...

yeah that is a nice pair of daisy-dukes...I guess if you've got it, flaunt it, huh?

Elda said...

Great work.