Monday, April 21, 2008

Apocalyptica in SLC

I just ran back from the best concert I've ever been to. Apocalyptica played tonight at "In the Venue". It was fantastic! I was only five feet from the stage. Antero Manninen was on the far left. He was wearing dark glasses and was straight faced the whole time except for a few smiles when other band members where making faces at him. In the middle right was Perttu Kivilaakso. He is a very slender guy. Animated with his hair flinging along with Eicca Toppinen. On the far right was Paavo Lötjönen. Some songs they played that were especially fantastic were:

The following songs were played in the order of my most favorites:
  • Bittersweet - again no HIM singer to accompany, but hey it was surreal and wish I could relive the playing of that song over and over!

  • Seeman was the very last song and I got total goosebumps. Missed Nina Hagen singing, but it was still so good!

  • Nothing Else Matters - These guys are truly great musicians and did this song just as good live as on the record.

  • Helden - They said that Till was too big to get on the plane so he couldn't be there. Too bad! That would have been awesome to have Till there!

  • Enter Sandman - They played this so well that it sounded even better than other productions at other concerts and even from the video. Sound quality was fantastic.

  • Somewhere Around Nothing - Great song.

There were several other great songs, but those were the ones that made me the most appreciative.

My favorite band member was Paavo. They were all great, but I liked Paavo's style the most. He looked to genuinely enjoy performing. They all did, but he in particular had a great genuine smile and really got the crowd into it.

I was so grateful they came to Salt Lake City. Makes me thankful that they aren't so high and mighty to skip us even though they had to play at a tiny venue. These guys deserve something like the E Center, but there aren't enough people in Utah with great taste. This was a concert that I am so glad I went to! Man!

Apocalyptica rocks! The ticket only cost me $15 and I got it at - I kind of felt bad cause the price was too good for what I got!


Chief said...

I actually just saw Apocalyptica in concert here in Dallas, TX. I found your site while trying to get more info about the band (more specifically, who was who). They definitely were great in concert. You definitely don't think of pounding rock and head banging when you think of four guys playing cellos. I can't wait for them to come back to Dallas.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am an portuguese fan of apocalyptica..and I have to agree with u 2..I just saw them for the 1st time, in Rock in Rio here in Portugal last thursday..and it was really the greatest concert i have been to...actually it was a small concert but it was fantastic!...keep on posting things about them...i'll try the same..

Lee Schizophrenic said...

(I know I am alittle late but...) Yeah I saw them too at the same show they were amazing, my favorite song was Hall Of The Mountain King cuz they played it so fast but they acted like it was all easy XD (probaly was for them) Perttu was my favorite he was funny on stage. I touched Pavvo's hand it was amazing lol. had an extra ticket cuz my friends couldn't go it made me pissed but that concert made my day. And too bad they didn't want to give autographs. But they are comin back again same place if I am correct it is on Oct 20. Apo twice in one year X__X it is going to be great like the time before. I am going to get my tickets right when they go on sale. You better too.

Gords said...

Thanks Lee! I just bought a ticket once you told me they were coming back. I would never have known had you not commented so thank you!

Lee Schizophrenic said...

Your welcome hun, I am going to buy my ticket soon I can't wait ^^ it is probly going to be better then the last one. I will see you at the show.