Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jonas turns 6

This morning I made a fancy breakfast for Jonas' 6th birthday. I made him Pancakes, bacon and eggs. I put 6 pancakes in a stack and layered them with strawberries and then topped it off with that whipped cream in a can. Then fried some eggs and bacon and poured some chocolate milk for him. He was beaming. Here are a couple pictures.

All the kids were glad now that it was Jonas' Birthday. He opened Grandma Gridley's present and they all played with it for about 10 minutes before Cathi ran them all off to school. It was a huge math/writing book with a few dry erase markers. They had fun. Cathi read to Jonas Grandma Low's email. He was happy to get his own birthday email. Cathi then drove the kids to school while I helped clean up after the big breakfast.

I set up the hose vacuum for Isaac and I think this was his first time vacuuming. Samuel wanted so bad to try it and would cry when Isaac wouldn't share the vacuuming job. So they took turns cleaning. It was a very good morning. Jonas was very happy to wake up to the Birthday song and a huge stack of strawberry pancakes and chocolate milk!

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