Friday, April 4, 2008

Einstein Brothers Bagels

This morning before I left for work I noticed a Skype event that it was Dax Denkers birthday. I thought about picking up some donuts on the way to work, but thought that I ought to break the trend of bringing fattening and fat friendly foods for the team. So I decided on stopping at Einstein Brothers in Layton on the way.

I did break my diet just this Monday so I have that experience fresh in my mind, but this morning I had two bagels (Chocolate Chip w/o cream cheese and a Cinnammon Raisin with Strawberry Cream Cheese) and they both were out of this world! The strawberry cream cheese on the cinnamon raisin was the best treat I've had in a very long time! It was so good.

OK - after thinking about how good it was - it was 360 calories. Not exactly a health food. But oh my gosh it was so good and filled me up. Here is their nutritional information page.

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Jojomama said...

Weird- I stumbled upon your blog because of your bagel reference but I am pretty sure I know your friend Dax. If he is the same one, I dated his brother, Kam, in High School. Anyway- think I will try out those bagels!