Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Austin's 12th Birthday

This morning we woke Austin up and had his birthday present (a new Mountain Bike) in his room. I whistled real loud and yelled "Austin! Get up time for school!" He woke up jumped out of bed and passed the bike half asleep as he headed to the bathroom. We all were in his room and laughed as he didn't realize there was a new bike in his room. He snapped out of it and said in a real tired voice, "Whoah! Sweet."

We then made a king's breakfast and we all enjoyed. Here are some pictures of this morning.

He had a really good morning. So did I.

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Varghese said...

I was not at the Utah Valley Tournament, but I've heard from few people that Austin did well at the tournament. I was also noticing him playing well at the club.

I felt he is very serious about the game. His new Duffelbag is little big for him though :)