Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Finished first draft of

This evening I finished the first draft of my vision of Sent an email to George Majors for his thoughts. If you check it out and find any typos let me know. If you have any suggestions on UI or navigation, let me know too.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gords:
In the Members Page, if I click on a member's name, I get the following error:
Microsoft JET Database Engine error '80004005'

Could not use ''; file already in use.

/history/rating/History/dbinclude.asp, line 3

Maybe it is cause I use Firefox?
You have done a great website!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe all the things you have time for in your life!!! It actually drives me nuts sometimes--cause I can't even find enough time to get a clean house, hot dinner and slippers ready for Brendon when he comes home. That's it, I guess, I am gonna have to stop wasting time reading your blog and get back to scrubbing the floors and folding the underwear, yippee. J/K : )

Oh, one more thing:
I noticed the "WFTTC" image of the Rocky Mountain and a paddle. Here are some instructions via Microsoft Word on how to make the background transparent:

Create transparent areas in a picture:
You can create a transparent area in most pictures except in animated GIF pictures. Make these changes in an animated GIF editing program, and then insert the file again.

Select the picture you want to create transparent areas in.
On the Picture toolbar, click Set Transparent Color .
Click the color you want to make transparent.
Note The Set Transparent Color option is available for bitmap pictures that don't already have transparency information. It's also available for some, but not all, clip art.

**These instructions are kinda long, if you want help on that, you can send me the image....that is, if you are the one who made it.
Cya soon, hopefully,

Gords said...

I was able to get to all the members links. Which one was it. This is just a link to the usatt ratings website. I use firefox too. Try again and if it happens send me an email with the member you're having trouble with.

Anonymous said...

never mind, gordon, they seem to all be working now. DD