Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sam's burn

This last Monday, Cathi called me at work and I could hear Sam crying in the background. She explained to me that Sam got up on the counter (hopefully for the last time) after Jacob had recently made some 2 min. noodles and put his left palm directly on the burner and had burned it pretty bad.
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He had a huge blister on his palm that the Dr's popped a couple days later. They set up an appointment at U of U for the next week to follow up.

I went in with Cathi Tuesday morning and they cut all the dead skin that was used by the long popped blister. They instructed us in how to clean, and redress the wound. He only whimpered a couple of times when they took it off. He was pretty well distracted with a couple of toys that he played with. The night before we went in, I gave him a Father's Blessing. That made a difference I think as he didn't scream, but whimpered a couple times.
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His hand seems to be in more pain with the blister cut off, I think because the nerves are sensitive on that new skin and the blister was protecting it more. But with it popped and dry now, I guess it had to come off from what the U of U people had to say. The U of U burn center was apparently the only of its kind in the Mid-west and they know what they're doing. They told us to change it twice daily and to help him stretch his hand often so that he doesn't lose full functionality of his hand as his skin recovers. It will have a tendency to become tighter, thus harder to stretch than the skin before.
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I sure love that boy. He has been real tough with the recovery, but its taking a toll. It's not as easy anymore and he protects his left hand from getting in the bath, and seems to be using it less which is a worry.

He's gotten on the counter before (as most of the other kids) and have been warned about getting burned. But I guess it really hits home with them when they understand the concern, after the fact.

Over a year later.......There is no scar, no loss of movement, no trace whatsoever of this burn. Sam just has a greater respect for hot things now. So he's doing great! Here's a video of Sam and Oliver under the influence (of sugar):
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Andrew said...

Ouch! That looks terrible. It is always a horrible experience to make a hospital visit with a little kid. It looks like the recovery is coming along... good luck!