Thursday, September 6, 2007

Table tennis is best played like karate, not ballet!!!

I've always realized there have been different playing styles, and I have very strong opinions on what is a desirable style to watch and play and that is an aggressive style, rather than a defensive style, or one that overemphasizes spin over speed. I've seen some people play the game and it reminds me of a martial art. One where it is very aggressive and militaristic. That is the style I like to see.

However the way a couple of guys play at work its being rendered as a very feminine style of play, almost like a ballarino. It annoys me, because they'll often setup using backspin like a ballarino, and then come back with a topspin kill that once in a while they actually get. So I have to remember not to give in to the slow girly type of play, and continuously play offensively even if it seems easier just to chop the ball.

Down with continuous chopping and pushing. Don't be a pussy!

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