Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another disturbing dream

Last night I had another nightmare where I woke up in a jump.

I was on a bike ride and stopped somewhere real quick and left my bike in front of a building leaning up against the front window in which I could clearly see. I saw another biker come by who was pulling a trailer with two kids in it. He quickly picked up my bike and laid it on top of the trailer and then told the kids to hold on while he tried to ride off with it.

I was only about 20 feet inside the building when I saw him do this and very easily could have run him down and given him the beating of his life. But so traumatic this experience was of seeing my "Humphrey" getting stolen made me wake up. Gee, I was disappointed that my mind wimped out at that point instead of letting me attempt to make a rescue. I had to laugh. I thought to myself, "You pussy. It's not like you were falling to you're death. Why did you wake up!"

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