Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm married to an Angel

Today during Sunday School the discussion was about Christ-like attributes and what kept coming to mind for me was "selfless". Yesterday I had to take a trip to the dump to get rid of some old tree branches. Cathi went too. When we were done unloading, Cathi asked if we should help the guy parked next to us unload his stuff. He was a middle aged man who was alone unloading some pallets, and didn't look in great need. I said "No, let's go". She said, "It won't take long c'mon, let's help him".

My thought was "Great! If we help him then another fella will drive up and Cathi will want to help him. We'd be here all day!". I told her, "I have to go over to the metal recycling bin to drop off the old washing machine and then I'll whistle for you and I want you to go when you hear me." She agreed and she helped the guy.

When I muscled the washing machine to it's spot I whistled and Cathi was able to help the guy completely empty out his trailer. So when I think of being Christ-like, Cathi is the kind of person I look up to for actually doing it. I sure married up in the spiritual food chain.


Bhatch said...

I sure wish we all could be more like her in being self-less, compassionate and serving--especially me.

Sarah said...

She is defintely an angel. I am so pleased to call her a friend--love, love, love that girl!